Synonyms Phenyl Acetonitrile
CAS no  140-29-4
Molecular Formula  C8H7N
Appearance  Colorless liquid
Packing  200kg HMHDPE Drum


Benzyl Cyanide, Benzyl cyanide Manufacturers in India

Specification of BENZYL CYANIDE: Click here

Benzyl cyanide (abbreviated BnCN) is an organic compound with the chemical formula C6H5CH2CN. This colourless oily aromatic liquid is an important precursor to numerous compounds in organic chemistry. Benzyl cyanide is used as a solvent and as a starting material in the synthesis of fungicides, fragrances (phenethyl alcohol), antibiotics, and other pharmaceuticals. The partial hydrolysis of benzyl cyanide results in 2-phenylacetamide, a known anticonvulsant. This is another chemical that is super important in the perfume industry. So all you people who want to produce excellent perfumes, this is the other chemical that you should be chasing after. We are Benzyl Cyanide Manufacturers in India.

Application of BENZYL CYANIDE

  • Benzyl Cyanide is used as an intermediate in pharmaceuticals.
  • Benzyl Cyanide is used as an intermediate in pesticides/ insecticides.
  • Benzyl Cyanide is also used in organic synthesis for dyes and perfumes.
  • Benzyl Cyanide is also used in penicillin precursors.
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