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March 24, 2017

CAS no 5329-14-6
Molecular Formula H2NSO3H
Appearance White fine crystals
Packing It is packed in 25 kg HDPE bags with inner liner

Specification of SULPHAMIC ACID TECHNICAL GRADE: Click here

Specification of SULPHAMIC ACID DESCALANT GRADE: Click here


Application of SULPHAMIC ACID

  • Sulphamic acid is supper -efficient descaling agent and is used for cleaning a variety of industrial equipment and domestic appliances.
  • Sulphamic acid in paper & pulp industries as a bleaching additive.
  • Sulphamic acid in manufacturing of Dyes, Pigments and in the dyeing of leather Sulphamic Acid removes excess of nitrides used in the diazotization reactions in the manufacturing of dye stuffs and pigments.
  • Sulphamic acid for Chlorine Stabilization in swimming pools and cooling towers.
  • Sulphamic acid in Electroplating and Electro-refining
  • Sulphamic Acid is used in metal pickling, galvanizing and electro refining.
  • Sulphamic acid in Sulphation and Sulphamation of many organic compounds. Example for Detergents.
  • Sulphamic acid in the Plastic industry as a curing agent.
  • Sulphamic acid as Scale Remover from heat exchangers, water jackets, cooling towers, condensers, coils and a wide range of heating and cooling systems.
  • Sulphamic acid as Clearing agents For dairies, breweries, sugar evaporators & paper mills.
  • Sulphamic acid as Catalyst in esterification process.
  • Sulphamic acid in Manufacturing of artificial Sweeteners.