Benzoyl Chloride Manufacturers

Synonyms Benzenecarbonyl chloride; Alpha-chlorobenzaldehyde; Benzoic acid
CAS no  98-88-4
Molecular Formula  C6H5COCI
Appearance  A colorless liquid
Packing  240/ 250 kg HDPE Drum

Benzoyl Chloride, Benzoyl Chloride Manufacturers in India

Specification of BENZOYL CHLORIDE: Click here

Benzoyl chloride, also known as benzenecarbonyl chloride, is an organochlorine compound with the formula C6H5COCl. It is a colourless, fuming liquid with an irritating odour. It is mainly useful for the production of peroxides but is generally useful in other areas such as in the preparation of dyes, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, and resins. Everyone who wants to make good perfume knows that the secret of the perfume is this wonder chemical. So, order some today to let your perfume smell beyond perfect and make everyone drool. We are one of the biggest and best Benzoyl Chloride Manufacturers in India.


  • Benzoyl Chloride is used in manufacturing of Perfumes, Dyes, Pharmaceuticals and Resins.
  • Benzoyl chloride is also used for the raw material of benzoyl peroxide.
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