Synonyms Ethyl Sulphate
CAS no  64-67-5
Molecular Formula  (C2H5)2SO4 
Appearance  Clear Colorless Liquid
Packing  250kg HMHDPE Drums, ISO Tanks

Diethyl Sulphate, Diethyl Sulphate Manufacturers in India

Specification of DI ETHYL SULPHATE: Click here

Diethyl sulfate is a highly toxic and likely carcinogenic chemical compound with formula (C2H5)2SO4. It occurs as a colourless, oily liquid with a faint peppermint odour and is corrosive.

Diethyl sulphate is used as an alkylating agent to prepare ethyl derivatives of phenols, amines, and thiols. It is used to manufacture dyes and textiles. It can be prepared by absorbing ethylene into concentrated sulfuric acid or by fuming sulfuric acid into diethyl ether or ethanol. Diethyl sulfate is a strong alkylating agent which ethylates DNA and thus is genotoxic. We are the best Diethyl Sulphate Manufacturers in India.


  • Diethyl Sulphate as an Ethylating agent:

It is used as an Ethylating agent in the manufacture of aromatic and aliphatic ethers, amines, amides, esters and imides carbozole for dyestuff, pharmaceutical and flavour synthesis.

  • Diethyl Sulphate as a Hardener:

It is used as a Hardener for cresol formaldehyde resin manufacture.

  • Diethyl Sulphate as a Stabilizer:

It is used as a Stabilizer for organophosphrous insecticide.

  • Diethyl Sulphate in API:

It is also used as API Intermediate.

  • Diethyl Sulphate Other Uses:

Diethyl Sulphate is used in Pigments, Dyes, Textiles and various other Industries.

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